Our history

The history of our church began relatively recently in 1932, when two Christian ladies, seeing how the town was expanding, felt that there should be a sanctuary where the pure Gospel would be preached, and so they prayed and searched for a suitable site for a Mission Hall.  When a large disused cattle shed became available for sale God gave the sisters assurance that this was the place!  The building cost £900 and the money was raised through their faith that God would provide.



By 1965 it was apparent that the premises were too small and the fabric of the building was getting beyond repair.  Once again, following much prayer, God gave the members a vision of rebuilding and enlarging the premises.  A site adjoining the building was purchased and through faith once again the necessary funds were raised.  The new building was opened in December 1968.

At the beginning of the 21st Century a number of problems led us to think about the accommodation and how we could adapt to suit our needs.  The flat roofs needed attention and asbestos insulation had to be removed; the Sunday school needed more room; more dedicated storage was needed; current legislation required more facilities and better access.  Once again the Lord answered prayer and the necessary funds to remodel the building were raised and it was dedicated in July 2006.

Occupying the same site we now have a completely renovated Church which we trust will be used by God to reach out to those in the community.


Adapted from "A History of Emmanuel Baptist Church" by Joy Russell and notes from Hilary and Tony Atkinson.